Topic outline

  • Formal Methods in Software Development (WS 2018/19)

    Friday 8:30-11:45, Start: October 5, 2018

    Important: To take part in the course, you have to enrol in the KUSSS system.The course is offered simultaneously as

    • KV3/326.013 (for the master program "Computer Science") and
    • KV4/326.053 (for the master program "Computer Mathematics").

    Please enrol for the course intended for your degree program.

    This course gives a survey on the use of formal methods for the development of reliable software. More specifically, we deal with

    • specifying sequential programs and concurrent systems,
    • computer-supported verification,
    • extended static checking,
    • model checking.

    Furthermore, a guest lecture by Janos Sztrik (University of Debrecen) will give an introduction on

    • queueing theory and its application to the performance analysis of computing systems.

    The course consists of two parts:

    1. a lecture part where the fundamental issues of the field are taught, and
    2. an exercise part where practical skills are trained using freely available software tools.

    The grading of the course will be based on a couple of exercises and a final exam.

    Since the exercises will be submitted via Moodle, you also have to login in Moodle and register as a course participant. You will then also receive per email all messages posted in the Announcements forum and may yourself post messages in the Questions and Answers forum.

  • Contents

    More information will become available by September 2018.