Weekly outline

  • Seminar Formal Methods II (326.099, SS 2015)

    Time: Wednesday, 12:30-14:00. Room: Hagenberg Castle Seminar Room. Start: March 23, 2015.

    If you prefer another time or place (e.g. at the JKU campus), contact me per email.

    In this seminar, we explore current research and systems for specifying and verifying computer programs (specification languages, program verifiers, model checkers, ...). This continues the seminar of the previous semester.

    To take part in the seminar, you have to enrol in the KUSSS system. If you also login in Moodle and register as a course participant, you will receive per email all messages posted in the News forum.

  • March 23 (17:15-18:45, S2 054)

    • Klaus Reisenberger: Alloy and the Alloy Analyzer (2nd presentation)
  • 17 June - 23 June

    • George Rahonis: On quantitative monadic …first-order logic.

  • 24 June - 30 June

    • Adam Toth: Performance Analysis of Cluster Networks.

    The main aim of the present paper is to draw the attention of the readers of this special problem to the modeling issues of Cluster Networks. Do introduced an in nite generalized model for the performance evaluation of scheduling compute-intensive jobs with unknown service times in computational clusters. In this paper we used a nite-source model instead of the in nite one to make the queueing model more realistic.We analyse three schemes (separate queue, class queue and common queue) for bu ering the jobs in a computational cluster that is built from Commercial O -The-Shelf (COTS) servers. The novelty of this investigation is to calculate performance measures and energy consumption of the system using the di erent bu ering schemes and classi cations. The steady-state performance measures and probabilities are given by the help of a simulation tool.