The following applies to those ISI students whose academic supervisor is Wolfgang Schreiner.

Self Study on Grid Computing

  • Study literature.
  • Install the latest version of Globus Toolkit 4 (GT4), run and demonstrate sample service.
    • Either on some ISI computer or on your own notebook.
    • Either on a native GNU/Linux installation or install VirtualBox and a virtual Debian machine on which to install GT4.
    • Personal demonstration of installation and service to WS.
  • Prepare and give slide-based presentation on some advanced aspect of GT4 (30-45 mins).
    • Security, data management, information services, execution management.


  • End of October: fixing of talk topics and presentation dates.
  • End of November: demonstration of GT4 installation to WS.
  • Beginning of December: sketch of talk.
    • List of resources, sketch of presentation structure.
  • Beginning of January: draft of talk.
  • Middle/end of January: presentations.


Available at ISI; study Part I and II (Perspectives und Framework) und Chapter 17 ("Open Grid Service Architecture").
Available at ISI; study as required.
Study as required.

Master Thesis Proposal

Discuss your master thesis topic with your company advisor and prepare a master thesis proposal (5-10 pages).
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Background
    • Short overview on the overall area, company and customer, etc.
  • Project Topic
    • Problems and goals.
  • Expected Results
  • Structure of Thesis
    • Table of contents (on the level of chapters, ev. sections), plus page estimation.
      • Introduction (2-3 pages)
      • State of the Art (10 pages)
      • ... (about 40 pages)
      • Conclusions (1-2 pages)
      • Appendices (if any)
  • Timelines (January - June)
    • Project milestones
    • Thesis chapters (State of the Art, ..., Conclusions, Introduction).
  • Scientific Literature
    • At least 10 citations on the topic.


  • Middle of November: first version.
  • End of November: second version.
  • Middle of December: final version.
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