Exercise "OpenOffice / Drawing Figures" (January 15)

Create a small OpenOffice (.odt) document (about 2 pages) that represents the core of an academic paper (title, author, abstract, table of contents, introduction, main section, conclusion, references) using the "default style" with the following elements:
  • sections and subsections
  • text
  • formulas
  • bulleted and enumerated lists
  • a picture (drawn with xfig and imported as .png, see below)
  • table of contents and bibliography (both automatically generated)
Create a second version of the document where you modify (without changing the contents) the style of the document such that it more or less resembles the LaTeX "article" style.

As for the picture, use xfig to create a simple figure that describes some relationship (e.g. the interaction between a web server and a web client) by a couple of boxes labeled with text and connected by arrows; export this figure both as .eps and .png.

Create a small latex frame that includes the .eps file to show a single page with the image and generate a .PDF file from it.

Submit the result as a .tgz or .zip file including
  1. Both versions of the documents in .odt and .PDF format,
  2. The .xfig source, the generated .png, and .eps files,
  3. The LaTeX source and the .PDF file generated from it.