Exercises "Collaborative Editing and Content Management"

  1. Register with the site http://parrot.risc.uni-linz.ac.at:9000/cbwe with your true name and choose your RISC account name as your user name. Shortly after you will receive a mail that leads you to a page where you can set your password.
  2. Do not use your UNIX password!!! The password is transmitted over http, which is inherently insecure.
  3. Login.
  4. If you have successfully logged in, send your plone user name to hemmecke@risc.jku.at.
  5. Fill out your member data (http://parrot.risc.uni-linz.ac.at:9000/cbwe/personalize_form) and provide a picture. You reach this site if you click on your name and then on "Personal Preferences".
  6. Upload the latest version of your magicrings.tex file (from the solution of the Version Control Exercises) into a subdirectory "files" of your personal Plone folder.
  7. Create a page in your personal folder that contains the sections from the file "magicrings.tex".
    1. Make the section titles into "Headings".
    2. Add a (plone-generated) table of contents.
    3. Give your best friend from the course access to that page and ask him/her to add some text into the Conclusion section.
    4. The page should be a more elaborated version of the one at http://parrot.risc.uni-linz.ac.at:9000/cbwe/Members/hemmecke/magic-rings.
  8. Create two fake news items (in your personal folder) similar to the ones shown in the News "Tab".
    1. Include a picture of not more than 1MB and enable Comments for this news item.
    2. Submit this news item for publication.
    3. Make sure that the item is shown in the "News" tab 24 hours later (Note that a reviewer will have to approve your submission, so it might take some time until the reviewer does this.)
  9. Add a subfolder "news" to your personal folder and move (i.e., cut & paste through the "Contents" view of your personal folder) your news items into that folder.
  10. Add a subfolder "events" to your personal folder.
  11. Add a collection "Conferences" inside your "events" folder that displays all events from the CBWE site (published and private) sorted by event date. (The closes event should come first.)
  12. Add one of your favourite (upcoming) conferences (which has not yet been entered by someone else---check that by browsing the list that you obtain from the collection that you created above) as an "Event" into your "events" folder.
    1. Share it with the groups "cbwe1" and "cbwe2".
    2. Submit this event for publication.
  13. There are the groups "cbwe1" and "cbwe2" on this site. You belong to exactly one of these groups. Find out who the other group members are. For example, do it in the following way:
    1. Click on the "My Group" tab.
    2. Add there a page "Group Members" which contains an itemized list with your full name and a link to your private homepage. If you don't have a homepage, write your email address instead and make it clickable.
    3. Select the page "Group Members" as the default view for the "My Group" folder.
    4. Wait until every one of your group has added his/her name into the itemized list of the "Group Members" page.
  14. State completion of the exercises. Sent the link to your personal Plone folder to hemmecke@risc.jku.at. Use CBWE in your subject line.