LaTeX and HTML

Read the short summary about HTML and PHP that is available now.

Create a small LaTeX document (max. two pages) where you try out some basic features of LaTeX that we saw in the lecture: formulas, labels, cross-referencing, small tables, etc. as you wish. Produce a PDF document from it. (To save effort, consider writing a document that you have to write for your project work anyway ...)

In addition, create a webpage containing a very simple form with one or two fields or buttons, whatsoever. When submitting the form, a new page should be displayed that
  1. shows the values of the fields in the form,
  2. has the PDF generated from the above LaTeX document available for download, and that
  3. uses a stylesheet (consider this part of the exercise as a bonus).
For submitting a solution to this exercise, just write the URL of the page, that is all!

(If you have a RISC account, then use the space available in /home/www/people/login as described in the HTML summary, otherwise find out at your institute whether/where/how you can create PHP driven pages on your institute's web server.)