Topic outline

  • General

    Lecturer: Karoly Bosa (Research Institute for Symbolic Computation, RISC)

    Language of the Course: English

    Times and Places: Wednesday 10:15 - 11:45 HT 177F

    Thursday 14:30 - 16:15 K 223B
    First Lecture:
    March 16

    Topic of the Course:
    • Object Oriented (OO) Programming
    • A Modern OO Language: Java
    • Implementation of some algorithms in Java e.g.:
      • Searching and sorting algorithms
      • Stacks and queues
      • Recursion
      • Backtracking (Eight queens problem)
      • Approaching definite integral of a given functions
      • Java Applets, Basic Graphics Tools and Event Handling
      • Bitmap Rotation in 3D [Online Demo]
      • Lagrange Interpolation [Online Demo]
      • etc.
    • A Software Development Environment : Eclipse
    • A Version Control System: Subversion
    • The Modeling Language UML
    • Design Patterns
    • The Java Test Framework JUnit
    • Introduction into Client-Server Architectures and Web Services

    • Each programming exercise/homework will be evaluated.
    • Each student MUST give a presentation about a chosen topic (approx. 40 minutes, in English, with slides). See below the possible topics.

    To take part in the course, you have to enrol in the KUSSS system. Since the exercises will be submitted via Moodle, you also have to login in Moodle and register as a course participant. You will then also receive per email all messages posted in the News forum.