Weekly outline

  • General

    Project Seminar "Formal Methods II" (326.099, SS 2009)

    The seminar is cancelled in this semester. Please contact Wolfgang Schreiner, if you are interested in the seminar topics.

    Time: Wednesday, 12:30-14:00, HA 105 (Hagenberg seminar room).
    Start: March 11, 2009.

    In this seminar, we explore current research and systems for specifying and verifying computer programs (specification languages, program verifiers, model checkers, ...). This continues the seminar of the previous semester.

    To take part in the seminar, you have to enrol in the KUSSS system. If you also login in Moodle and register as a course participant, you will receive per email all messages posted in the News forum.

  • 17 June - 23 June

    • Tomas BERZCES: A generalized queueing network model to study Proxy Cache Servers