Weekly outline

  • Seminar "Formal Methods II" (SS 2014, 326.099)

    Time: Wednesday, 12:30-14:00
    Place: Hagenberg Seminar Room
    Start: March 12, 2014

    If you prefer another time or place (at the JKU campus), contact me per email.

    In this seminar, we explore current research and systems for specifying and verifying computer programs (specification languages, program verifiers, model checkers, ...). This continues the seminar of the previous semester.

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  • March 12

    • Wolfgang Schreiner: Introduction and Organization.
    • June 4

      • Imre Varga (Univ. Debrecen): Generating network topologies with clustering similar to online social networks.
      We propose a novel method to model real online social networks where our growing scale-free networks have tunable clustering coefficient. Models which based on purely preferential attachment are not able to describe high clustering coefficient of social networks. Beside the attractive popularity our model is based on the fact that if a person knows somebody, probably knows several individuals from his/her acquaintanceship as well. The topological properties of these complex systems were studied and it was found that in our networks the cliques are more relevant independently from the system size.

      • Tamás Bérczes (Univ. Debrecen): A new finite-source queueing model for Spectrum Renting in Mobile Cellular Networks

      This presentation proposes a new finite-source retrial queueing model to consider spectrum renting in mobile cellular networks, in which service providers may rent each other's unutilized frequency bands. We present a novel way to take into account the renting fee, which can be used to fine-tune the operation of the spectrum renting procedure. Numerical results show that, at high loads, it is still desirable to initiate a spectrum renting request, even if no discount is offered by the frequency bands' owners.